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Meaghan Brackenbury

Aspiring Journalist, Audio Storyteller, and Writer

About Me

For as long as I can remember, I've been a storyteller. Maybe it's because I'm lousy with equations. Or maybe it's because I have always loved the exercise of language, of finding stories that reflect the reality of people with all different backgrounds and exploring the complexity of the human condition, where empathy and compassion are key to creating substantial change.


Either way, I am eager to continue to learn, write, and grow, wherever I may be. 


Work Experience

January 2019 - March 2019

USC Canada | 56 Sparks St., Ottawa, ON

Communications and Public Engagement Intern

May 2019- Present

Canada Revenue Agency | 555 Mackenzie Ave., Ottawa, ON

Junior Communications Officer

January 2019 - present

Carleton University Hearts of Freedom Project | 1125 Colonel By Dr., Ottawa, ON

Camera Operator

June-July 2019

Stories North Program | Whitehorse, YT

Participant and Content Creator




Carleton University

Ottawa, ON

Combined Honours of Journalism and Human Rights

Third-year standing, GPA of 11.20

Expected graduation in 2020

Received Kenneth Smith Award, awarded to the first-year student with the highest standing (2017)

Received K. Phyllis Wilson Scholarship, awarded by recommendation of Director of Journalism to outstanding students proceeding from one year of study to another in the Journalism program (2017, 2018, & 2019)

Received Charles Lazarus Scholarship, awarded by recommendation of the School of Journalism to students showing all-around academic excellence (2017)

Received Phyllis Wilson Scholarship, awarded annually to the top student in Second-year reporting (2018)

Received CTV Scholarship for Broadcast Journalism, awarded by recommendation of the Director of Journalism and Communications for a student specializing in broadcast journalism and proceeding from one year to the next (2019)


Connect With Me

Ottawa, ON


Tel: 6133261017

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